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After obtaining the raw material called Grenadilla,
it is left to air dry for more than 6 years. The material then
goes through another stringent screening process and only
one third of the material finally ends up being formed into
a flute.

Sankyo Poster_Obsession 12x18_edited_edited.jpg

Wooden flute WF-G-MJ

Created with the careful application of time and energy,the sound, which can be said to be the original sound ofthe flute, expends a sense of maturity. The tube isrelatively thick at 4.2 mm. A selection can be made fromthree types of mouthpieces.


[TC - Traditional Cut]
This mouth piece is a classical type that
produces a soft sound that the wooden
pipe is known for.

[MC - Modern Cut]
A sharp buildup and powerful sound are
characteristics of this mouthpiece.

[LP - with Lip Plate]
The tone from this mouthpiece has a
balanced overral sound and is
comfortable to use.


[TC - Traditional Cut]


[MC - Modern  Cut]


[LP - with lip plate]

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