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An obsession with sound




The company was founded by skilled craftsmen who had the simple desire to create quality flutes. It is this that makes Sankyo Flutes so special. Our flutes, made with the technique, passion, and pride of the craftsmen, exude such an overpowering presence that we hesitate to call it a mere "musical instrument".


Even the tiniest of pieces that need to be lifted with tweezers are so beautifully crafted that ever they are like works of art. The secret behind this craftsmanship is that nothing is neglected in the manufacturing process. Research starts from the composition of the metal of the material, and after working on improvements in cooperation with flutists everywhere in the world, the flutes are then polished in the hands of the highly skilled craftsmen.


Work which is usually entrusted to the service of subcontractors, such as the fusing of the metals, the molding of the parts, as well as the plating, are all carried out within the company in order to ensure a quality which is completely satisfactory. All of the models which are made from the meticulously crafted parts, and which are carefully assembled by hand, are comparable to any other high-class model. With the daily commitment to not allow any compromise, the craftsman has transcended to the level of artisan and brings froth innovative techniques and original products.


And, only the flute that is completed within the palms of the artisan who pursues his ideal is one that has dignified beauty and an endlessly transparent and rich tone. This is the pride of SANKYO FLUTES.

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Here you can find our catalogue as a convenient flipbook and as a downloadable PDF file. In it, you will find more information about our unique head joints, alternative mechanical designs as well as our elegant personalized engravings.

Catalogue 2022 (PDF display)

Price List 2024 *

* Prices for gold flutes are only price indicators.
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