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In 1968, two master craftsmen, Kikuo Hisakura and Hideo Takei established SANKYO FLUTES MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. with only a total of 7 craftsmen. Their aim was to stand by their philosophy that "quality sound is created only with precise technique and within human hands".


In November of the same year they reached the momentous milestone of the completion of their first flute, and from there begins the history of SANKYO FLUTES. The advantage of having technicians as managers of the company is that they allow for thorough research without being overly stringent in terms of labor and cost since they understand that it takes time to develop products in order to achieve "quality sound".


In 1991, under these uninhibited conditions, the "New E-mechanism" was born for which Sankyo acquired the utility model patent. In 1995 SANKYO created the world's first 24K Gold Flute, and in addition introduced a string of unique and high quality products, such as the original wooden pipe flute and the metal pipe piccolo.

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